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Jewish Ukraine

We offer you a tour of the most important Jewish places of Ukraine - Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Chernivtsi, Kamyanets-Podolsk and Khotyn. You can visit small towns - the former shtetl, Holocaust memorials at Babi Yar and the Lviv ghetto, synagogues in Kiev,Lvivand Odessa. Jews appeared on the territory of Ukraine from the times of Kievan Rus and even one of the most distinctive Jewish religious movements - Hasidism originated in Ukraine, in the town Medzhibozh.

Day 1. Arrival.
Arrival to Kyiv, transfer to hotel.

Day 2. Sightseeing tour.Kyivo-Pechersk Lavra.
Sightseeing tour includes stops at Golden Gate, St. Michael's Golden-domed Cathedral, visiting the Holy Sophia Cathedral, excursion on Andrew's Slope with observing St. Andrew's Church, observing Monument to Sholem Aleichem; Golda Meier memorial brass on the house where she was born in 1898; observing Brodsky Synagogue
Excursion to Kyivo-Pechersk Lavra visit Museum of Historical Treasures with the world-known collection of ‘Scythian Gold’ (7th-2nd cc. BC), the unique Jewish silverware of 17th-20th cc. as well as church treasures of Ukrainian Baroque epoch

Day 3. Down town Podil.BabiyYar. Lviv.
Excursion by down-town Podol: prayerful houses on following streets: Nizhniy Val, Yaroslavskaya, Mezhigorskaya;charitablecomplex of Zaytsevu: hospital, retirement home, prayerful house; first Talmud-Tora (Jewish religious school),visiting  theoldest Podol Synagogue.
VisitBabiyYar (menorah,monumentof dead children, old Jewish cemetery).
Departure to Lviv via express train # 743 (17:13-22:20)
Arrival to Lviv, transfer to hotel.

Day 4. Sightseeing tour. Lychakiv cemetery.
Excursion “Lviv-architectural pearl of Europe” observing Market Square with a town hall, the Boim and Campian Chapels, Opera House, Dominican church, Italian Court, Roman Catholic Church of Jesuits, the Church of Maria Magdalena
Observing panorama of the city from the High Castle, visittothe Lychakiv cemetery, St. Yura Cathedral, National Polytechnic University

Day 5. Jewish Lviv. Zhovkva.
Excursion “Jewish Lviv” observing remnants of “Golden Rose” Synagogue, former Hasidic Synagogue (the functioning Jewish community Centre), former Jewish hospital founded by  Rappaport, old Jewish quarters, the monument to the victims of the Jewish Ghetto, Sholom Alejchem house with Memorial Plaque
Afternoon trip totownof Zhovkva, where you can have a look atcastle, medieval walls, towers, churches, houses and, of course, the biggest in 17cent.inEurope Renaissance Synagogue

Day 6. Departure to Chernivci. Kolomya
Departure to Chernivci, 280 km. En-route visit Kolomya, short city-tour with visit Museum of Pysanka (Easter egg). Arrival to Chernivci, transfer to hotel.

Day 7. Jewish Chernivci. Khotyn.
Excursion Jewish Chernivci (The building of the old synagogue, Jewish cemetery, Jewish House on Theater Square). VisittoSadgora,formerresidence of Rabbi Avraam Yakov Friedman, founder of Ruzhyn and SadgoraHassidsdynasty. You will visit a former Palace of Rabbi Friedman, former MainSyanagogueand streets with Jewish houses of XIX-XX c.c.
Departure to Kamyanets-Podilskiy, 90 km. En-route visit Khotyn - one more Jewish small town in Bukovyna,formerresidence of Tzaddik Rabbi Mordechai IsraelTverskiy(since 1925) and center of Karaites. Visit Jewish cemetery and former synagogue.
Arrival to Kamyanets-Podilskiy, transfer to hotel.

Day 8. Kamyanets-Podilskiy. Uman.
City-tour of Kamyanets Podilskyi (the Old Town and Fortress, Old Jewish cemetery, New Jewish cemetery).
Departure to Odesa, 625 km. En-route visit Uman - the Chassidism capital. Come to pay homage to the tomb of Rebe Nachman of Bratslav & Gadyach, the tomb of Rabbi Shneur Zalman and the Alter Rebe, the founderof  theLubavitch Chassidic movement.
Arrival to Odesa, transfer to hotel.

Day 9. Odesa
Sightseeing tour including observing Potemkin Steps, Richelieu Monument, Primorsky  boulevard, Pushkin Monument, City Hall, Deribasovskaya street, Roman-Catholic church,  Cathedral Square, Philharmonic hall
Jewish tour through streets Malaya Arnautskaya (house Hayan Nahnam Belek), Staroportofranskaya & Bazarnaya (house Ilf & Petrov), Primorsky boulevard (Belinsky), Bazarnaya (Dubnov), Belinskogo (Bagritsky), Jewish (Zhabotynsky), Rishelievskaya (Babel), Prohorovskiy square – the Holokost monument, Moldovanka suburb (place where Babel was born), memorial places associated with Jasha Heifetz, Emil Gilels, Sholom Aleichem, and other historical figures, Russian Dramatic theatre, Greek area, and visiting Main Synagogue

Day 10. Odesa. Back to home!
Continue of Jewish tour (incl. visit to Brodsky Synagogues, "Nahmes Eliezer" (now jewish Religious Sinagogue Community), Hasid - karpin prayer house, Synagogue of kosher meat cutters (now: Jewish Culture Society), literature museum (literature Yard, monument to Robinovitch, 3 branches of Jewish literature: Idish, Ivrit, Russian authors: Pinsker, Akhad-Ta-Ama, Ben Ami, Lilienblum, Dubnov, Sholom Alejkhem.)
Transfer to airport, departure from Odesa and back to home!

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