The family from USA with ukrainian roots visited Ukraine at the second time

    We always wonder how much curiosity for and love to Ukraine shows people with Ukrainian roots living abroad. Coming to Ukraine, they are traveling a lot and learn about its culture and pay respect to their roots, not to mention that they sometimes can know more than a local guide.
      On August 12-20, "Ukraine-Rus" agencyhosted the Andrij Baran family with Ukrainians roots from the USA at the second time. Andrij took with him his wife, children, and grandchildren – a 4-year-old girl and 9-year old boy. This year they devoted a couple of weeks to visit Western Ukraine and Ukrainian Carpathians, visited the city of Poltava - a kind of "keeper of the standard" of the entire national Ukrainian culture, Odessa - "Ukrainian pearl by the sea", and also visited the capital of Ukraine again.
      "Ukraine-Rus" agencyhelped the family to prepare a tailor-made route and provided a full range of tourist services: accommodation, meals,guidance and interpreter services, transport and excursions.